(as per 15 December 2016)

Shizuo Fujita, Univ. of Kyoto, Japan

CVD of different Ga2O3 polymorphs and their applications

Klaus Irmscher, IKZ Berlin, Germany

Doping and defects in beta-Ga2O3

Gregg Jessen, Air Force Research Lab., Wright-Patterson AFB, USA

Development of lateral Ga2O3 FETs for RF and switch applications

Akito Kuramata, Tamura Corp. & Novel Crystal Technol., Saitama, Japan

Recent progress in EFG growth of Ga2O3

Hartwin Peelaers, Univ. California Santa Barbara, USA

First-principles modeling of sesquioxide semiconductors

Steven Ringel, Ohio State University, USA

Investigation of deep levels in beta-Ga2O3

Man Hoi Wong, NICT, Tokyo, Japan

Advances in processing and design strategies for Ga2O3 MOSFETs

Dong-Sing Wuu, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Pulsed laser deposition of aluminum gallium oxides for deep-UV detector applications

NOTE: Based on their novelty and abstract clarity few contributed papers could be selected for upgrade to invited talks.