Presentation guidelines

Standard PC and audio-visual equipment are available for oral presentation. Speakers are kindly requested to check their PowerPoint files ahead of their own session. This is even more important if they want to use their personal laptop. Note that the organisers will not provide adapters for power suppliers nor Mac or HDMI connectors.

Allotted times are: 30 minutes for invited talks and 15 minutes for other presentations. In both cases leave at least two minutes for questions.

Poster presentation

We recommend authors to prepare their poster(s) according to the A0 format (about 84 cm wide and 119 cm high). Numbered boards will be available in the large room just above the conference hall. Authors are requested to set-up their poster(s) at the beginning of the meeting and to leave them on display during the entire Workshop. The poster discussion will take place in two separate sessions on Thursday 14th, at 10:30 (posters P1 – P50) and on Friday 15th at 10:30 (posters P51 – P101). Please identify your session and make sure that at least one author is available for discussion.