Congress location

IWGO-2 will take place in the Congress Centre of the Campus of Science and Technology of Parma University. The Campus is located in the southern periphery of the city and well connected to railway station and downtown by bus lines 7 and 21. In working days, buses run approximately every 10 minutes. Typically, the standard bus 7 will take about 30 minutes from station to Campus, while the express 21 will take about 20 minutes.
Please get off the bus at the first or second stop after you enter the Campus; in both cases, you will be able to reach the congress centre by two-minute walk (see Map).

Meals and beverages

Midday lunches and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee. Participants will receive three coupons to be used at the University canteen (7-8 minute walk from Congress centre, see Map). One coupon includes first and second courses, bread, fruit and mineral water. Vegetarians will have the possibility of choosing between different varieties of pasta and vegetables.

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Information about the University of Parma, one of the oldest in Europe, can be found in the page:

Parma is an ancient city, famous for its monuments, palaces, art galleries and theatres.
It is the birthplace of Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and many other gastronomic specialties.
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